DOH Accredited CME - 6 hrs (Category 1)

Stars Medical Assistance Center (SMAC) Advanced Infection Control Learning Module is designed for all healthcare professionals who want to gain a deeper understanding of how to prevent, control and measure infection. A learning module that provides evidenced-based, latest statistical information and various infection control practices that ensure a safe, healthy working environment for both staff and patients in any healthcare setting.


Learning Objectives:

1) Describe the chain of infection as it applies to infection prevention and control.

2) Describe workplace practices to protect the patient from healthcare associated infections.

3) Discuss workplace practices designed to minimize the risk of healthcare workers’     occupational exposure to infectious diseases.

4) Explain the difference between Standard Precautions and transmission-based precautions.


Program Content Outline

Topic 1 - Introduction to Infection Control

Topic 2 - Practical Guidelines for Infection Control In Health Care Facilities

Topic 3 - Drug and Therapeutics relationship to Infection Control

Topic 4 - Infection Prevention and Management

Topic 5 - Implementation of Infection Control in Healthcare Facilities


What’s in it for me?     

• Referenced research from professionally recognized medical websites and organizations

• All presentations delivered by qualified, experienced healthcare licensed professionals.     

• DOH accredited Continuing Medical Education (6 CMEs, Category 1)