DOH Accredited CME - 5.25 hrs (Category 1)

Stars Medical Assistance Center (SMAC) Advanced Wound Care Learning Module is designed for wound care clinicians and other healthcare providers who would like to improve their understanding about the proper treatment of wounds for complicated or atypical wounds especially for patients who are suffering from infections, diabetic ulcers and pressure injuries.


This program will help you to identify the causes of delays to wound healing process.
SMAC in collaboration with International Interprofessional Wound Care Group (IIWCG) will provide evidenced based, latest information on wound care healing and prevention to provide effective care to promote rapid healing.  


Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify and describe the structures and functions of skin

  2. Describe the steps involved in completing an interdisciplinary, holistic patient assessment related to wound management.

  3. Develop prevention and treatment strategies for various wound types.

  4. Describe the general principles required for basic wound care, emphasizing the wound bed preparation.

  5. Recognize and identify the multiple causes of delays to the wound healing process

  6. Discuss important components of wound assessment and documentation


Program Content Outline:

Topic 1 - Structure and Function of the skin, Trauma to the skin, phases of Wound Healing

Topic 2 – Epidemiology, Patient Assessment, local wound assessment

Topic 3 – Wound Bed Paradigm

Topic 4 - Delayed Wound Healing

Topic 5 - Documentation


What’s in it for me?   

• Referenced research from professionally recognized medical websites and organizations.     

• All presentations delivered by qualified, experienced healthcare licensed professionals from

International Inter-professional Wound Care Group (IIWCG).     

• DOH accredited Continuing Medical Education (5.25 CMEs, Category 1)