DOH Accredited CME - 3 hrs (Category 1)

Stars Medical Assistance Center (SMAC) HAAD and International Patient Safety Goals- Standards, Measurable Elements and Implementation Learning Module is designed for all healthcare professionals. It addresses the concerns healthcare professionals voice on “how can we implement these goals into our everyday care?”  Many may already know these goals, but delivering safer care demands the goals are embedded into patients care every hour, every day.


Safer care leads to increased patient satisfaction and reduced medical errors or near misses. Come and learn how they can be used daily by professionals in any healthcare setting.


Learning Objectives

Topic 1 - Discuss the importance of patient safety goals

Topic 2 - Explain Department of Health - Abu Dhabi (DOH)  and Joint Commission International (JCI) Patient Safety Goals (IPSG’s)

Topic 3 - Discuss Standards and Measurable Elements for each goal

Topic 4 - Describe how the team incorporates Measurable Elements into caring safely for patients


What’s in it for me?

• Updated referenced research from professionally recognized medical websites and organizations.

• All presentations delivered by qualified, experienced healthcare licensed professionals.

• DOH accredited Continuing Medical Education ( 3 CME, Category 1)