DOH Accredited CME - 6 hrs (Category 1)

Stars Medical Assistance Center (SMAC) Palliative Care Learning Module provides information and different approaches on providing care for people with serious, life threatening illnesses. Offering knowledge on coping strategies, pain management and challenges the Healthcare Provider faces to improve care and end of life quality for the patient and supporting family and friends.


Who can attend this program?

Any Healthcare professional who wishes to improve their understanding of Palliative or end of life care.


Learning Objectives:

1) Define the concept of Palliative Care

2) Discuss Palliative Care and Cancer

3) Describe the Palliative Care Conditions and Interventions

4) Analyze factors affecting provision of Palliative Care

5) Discuss Strategies for improving Palliative Care Services

6) Discuss ethical issues and dilemmas in Palliative Care.

7) Describe specific roles of the healthcare professional in ethical decision-making

8) Discuss the role of the multidisciplinary team members 9) Discuss how mental status changes; dealing with anxiety, dementia, delirium, depression and agitation impact care

10) Discuss the need for palliative care services in UAE


Program Content Outline:

Topic 1 - Overview of Palliative Care

Topic 2 - Ethical Behavior in Palliative Care

Topic 3 - The Multidisciplinary Team Approach In a Palliative Care Setting

Topic 4 - Psychological Problems and Palliative Care Patients

Topic 5 - Nurses role in Palliative Care

Topic 6 - Pain Management

Topic 7 -Hospice Care, Palliative Care and End of Life care


What’s in it for me?     

• Referenced research from professionally recognized medical websites and organizations.     

• All presentations delivered by qualified, experienced healthcare licensed professionals.     

• DOH accredited Continuing Medical Education (6 CMEs, Category 1)