DOH Accredited CME - 6 hrs (Category 1)

Stars Medical Assistance Center (SMAC) Patient Safety learning module is designed for all healthcare professionals. Medical errors can be defined as the failure of a planned action to be completed as intended or the use of a wrong plan to achieve an aim.


Among the problems that commonly occur during providing health care are adverse drug events and improper transfusions, HAIs, surgical injuries and wrong-site surgery, suicides, restraint-related injuries or death, falls, burns, pressure ulcers, and mistaken patient identities.

This module aims to provide updates and information on how to deliver safer care to reduced medical errors and to increased patient satisfaction.


Learning Objectives
at the end lecture-discussion, the participants will be able to:

• Discuss the discipline of patient safety and its role in minimizing the incidence and impact of adverse events, and maximizing recovery from them
• Describe how systems thinking can improve health care and minimize patient adverse events
• Explain what is meant by the terms “system” and complex system” as they relate to health care
• Explain why systems approach to patient safety is superior to the traditional approach
•Discuss human factors and its relationship to patient safety
• Identify the human factors affecting patient’s safety

Topic 1 - What is Patient safety and Human Factor?

Topic 2 -  Understanding System and the Impact of Complexity in Patient's Care

Topic 3 - Being an Effective Player

Topic 4 - Understanding and Learning from Errors

Topic 5 - Understanding and Managing Clinical Risks

Topic 6 - Introduction to methods for quality improvement

Topic 7 - Engaging with patients and careers

Topic 8 - Minimizing Infection through improved infection control

Topic 9 - Patient's Safety and invasive procedures

Topic 10 - Introduction to Medication Safety


 What’s in it for me?

• Referenced research from professionally recognized medical websites and organizations.     

• All presentations delivered by qualified, experienced healthcare licensed professionals  

• DOH accredited Continuing Medical Education (6 CMEs, Category 1)