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About KroniKare

At KroniKare, we prioritise healthcare that is both practitioner- and patient-focused. Through our Twin AI technology, we have developed the perfect solution for chronic wound care that allows quick scans, accurate detections, and better decision making.

With over 15 years of data captured from wound care practice, KroniKare is a state of the art technology that is set to transform wound care support across the globe.

Healthcare practitioners in hospitals, nursing homes, home-care facilities, as well as personal care practitioners have already benefitted from KroniKare, and the device is set to empower more smart nations through the use of AI-care.





The International Inter-professional Wound Care Group (IIWCG) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing skin, health and wound management in United Arab Emirates and other Countries in the region. Dedicated IIWCC graduates work to improve the health of Clients at risk for skin breakdown and the practice of the health-care professionals who care for them.

To train persons from any professional discipline who are delivering wound care in practice to provide scientific grounding in the elements of wound healing science, establish interdisciplinary wound healing provision as a field of specialty and to translate new knowledge into practice.

IIWCG is dedicated to a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to wound management and prevention to improve the health of Clients






Eolisair is a French company based in Dubai Science Park Laboratory Complex. As indoor air treatment specialists, we provide professional solutions tailored to all business sectors. With this strong professional experience, we have developed the world's best air purifier for individuals at home too. Our aim is to provide our users with high-quality air to protect their health.

Innovation is the heart of our values. We constantly work to market innovative solutions to effectively combat indoor air pollution. This is why we've chosen to work with Airbus in order to develop the world's best air purifier: Eolis air manager.



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About Glow Pak International

Since its inception in the 1989, Glow Pak International has been committed to provide quality products and services for the Health, power and industrial sectors countrywide. To fulfill this commitment, Glow Pak International built a modem facility in JAN '2000 in the industrial area of Lahore - Pakistan with a covered area of approx. 11,000sq. Feet.

Glow Pak International management knew that a world class facility alone would not be enough to earn customer recognition as a leader in Dental, Lab equipments, Electro-Medical, Electronics and Industrial fields. They also knew that they needed the talents of knowledgeable and innovative people. By recruiting a team of Engineers with years of hands- on experience in the fields of Dental, Electro Medical, Electronics and Industrial, Glow iPak International has achieved its goal of not merely matching the performance of Dental, Electro-Medical, Electronics and Industrial Products already in the market but creating the next generation of Dental, Electro-Medical and Industrial products.



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About ADAM Global

ADAM Global is the world’s leading platform for multidisciplinary professional business services including networks. Our members are accredited in their own markets and are made up of Lawyers, Accountants, and Specialist Consultants. Our network has the capability through our members to competently deliver comprehensive professional services to individuals, small and medium organization and large corporates. Our members can be engaged to deliver comprehensive advice on most complex, multi-jurisdictional matters at a very competitive cost.


Currently, we have a global reach through our network in over 200 location in 68 countries with more than 4500 professionals, all having an accumulative client portfolio of over 100,000 individuals and businesses


AG member firms of expert Advisors, Accountants, Lawyers, and Financial Analysts enable clients across the globe to enhance their enterprise value and operate their business structures, finance vehicles and investment in various geographical locations with a peace of mind.


AG has strong connections with both governmental and non-governmental entities. It is the only platform which includes networks within its offering for an even greater level of exposure and business opportunity for all those joining the platform.